International Workshop on the Impact of Human Mobility in Pervasive Systems and Applications (PerMoby 2014)

PerMoby is an IEEE PerCom Workshop

March 24th, 2014

The key components of many pervasive systems and applications are already deployed in the form of ubiquitous commercial products carried by humans, and human mobility makes it possible for them to interact. Smartphones, tablet PCs, and other personal devices act as mobile computing elements able to gather information about the surrounding environment according to the movement schemes of users. In other situations these devices operate as mobile nodes of the computing and/or networking infrastructure, where interaction and communication occur opportunistically.  Thus, while in many cases mobility is considered as a dimension that makes more difficult the design of a system, in other scenarios it is the fundamental enabler of the application itself. Human mobility promotes cooperation and sharing of content, services and resources, not only within the set personal devices, but also between personal devices and the resource-rich environment that is typical of pervasive computing.

The goal of PerMoby is to explore the impact of human mobility on the achievement of the pervasive computing vision. The focus is on pervasive applications, systems, and protocols where mobility plays an active role in achieving the end goals.

PerMoby is an IEEE PerCom Workshop, and it will be held in conjunction with PerCom 2014 (the worldwide premier scholarly venue in the areas of pervasive computing and communications), 24-28 March 2014, Budapest, Hungary.